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Two Brothers Re-Create Childhood Photos As A Priceless Gift To Their Mother (via Then/Now)


I only just noticed that his pajamas are monogrammed. With a crown.


I only just noticed that his pajamas are monogrammed. With a crown.







I never knew Javert went to Beauxbatons.



Well, he is French.


image  I don’t regret anything.


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Lea Michele shoots the “On My Way” music video in Los Angeles (x)


Backstreet Boys - All I Have To Give


hahahahahahahah stop i love these


Glee Klaine AU Crossover___   Mulan

You’re a spineless, pale pathetic lot
And you haven’t got a clue.
Somehow I’ll make a man
Out of you.

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Anonimo asked: "If they don't end Klaine on an UP this season, NO ONE is gonna come back. EVERYONE is sick of being strung along, and fans are dropping like flies. Just this week, so many blogs openly backed out of fandom, that's how fed up they are. We watch Klaine to be entertained, not to suffer, and that's what they are doing - causing a lot of negativity and frustration, and not giving us what we want AT ALL. The 1st 10 minutes of 514 was the only happy we've gotten since 501. This is GLEE, not GLUM,idiots"







and 414 before that. So yeah, I feel you. I’m not sure many of us are here to watch Rachel Berry succeed and succeed and succeed. It’s quite boring. I don’t like Sam so I am not invested in Sam and Mercedes’ story at all. And don’t get me started about how horrible Brittany and Santana are for each other.

The season appears to be a 20 minute series of moments. It should be easy to cut this into a Klaine “movie” for this season. I think I’m going to do that. 

No problem with that, I have Klaine movies from Season 2/Season 3 that I cut myself from files but I stopped in Season 4 because it became too painful. I suppose I should rewatch that season sometime soon. 

Also, I don’t hate ‘Previously Unaired Christmas’ just because of the lack of Klaine but because I honestly find it a very very STUPID idea. I don’t know why they did that, sure a Christmas episode fitted the season but they could have done something rather than go back in time and mess with events. They could have honestly done a very sweet episode where because of increasing heat in New York, the NY gang starts talking about Christmas’ that they had in the past. They could have used the young child actors that they have for Kurt/Santana/Rachel and they could have even gone to Lima and talked about different events like how Blaine’s Christmas was with his dad after he came out, or Will thinking about his Christmas with Emma when he was away in Washington. Maybe even Sue had a Christmas story that would have been amusing.

Seriously, I think I would have preferred this reflective look back with different stories rather than the atrocity of Previously Unaired Christmas.

I honestly don’t know what they were thinking. It was so bad I literally shut off my livesteam. I was appalled and I’ve seen some television that sucked in my day. This was so bad I didn’t buy the Christmas album (if you can call it that) and how horrible they are to think that we would buy that after that episode. A lot of the reason I buy songs outside of the fact they sound good is the emotional pull that they have on me because of the episode. I’m more likely to buy Come What May than Love is Like a Battlefield because of context. I’m so glad I didn’t buy Against All Odds before the episode aired because as lovely as Darren’s voice is on it context will forever and ever piss me off. So, yeah, give me something I’ll be happy about but that episode will never be rewatched unless I need to remember a detail and why would I since it’s not even in the timeline. 

The reason why I’m pissed about the lack of Klaine in the so called Christmas episode is because it’s an established tradition - it’s a tradition in canon that they have a duet every year. There was no reason to get rid of it, but then the episode got even worse through the context - especially Kurt getting sexually assaulted by that creepo Santa.

God, yes. There was no reason whatsoever to not get a Klaine duet. None. And that was the only reason I was happy about a Christmas episode to begin with.

If the speculation of no Klaine in the first half of next season bears out (which I don’t think it will) that means another Christmas episode without Klaine and that is a big no for me.

And then one day you’re gonna wake up and you’re gonna realize I don’t love him anymore

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Here’s the thing: I loved that this fight ended up with some low blows. Kurt pulled the “my home” card. Blaine played the jealousy card with Elliott. Each of their weaknesses came out with the ugliest parts turned up: Kurt’s prickly need to control, Blaine’s insecurity…

This was a fight that had been brewing for a long time, one they’d probably been very careful to avoid up to now. But it needed to happen. They needed to get it out, and they haven’t yet learned how to fight fair.

That’s reality, right there, and it’s what I have SO hoped for in the two of them really being together. I never imagined we’d get it right away, but I am glad that we did. Being together for the long haul is HARD. And there’s still a lot to learn.

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